About Us

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Our search expert, Fraser, has worked in search marketing for over three years, working for industry leading brands in everything from hospitality to insurance. 

Fraser has worked for Scotland's largest digital agency as Search Manager, leading integrated PPC and SEO campaigns for international brands, helping them to achieve consistent year-on-year growth.

Whether you're a small business needing help to get your campaigns up and running, or a large enterprise wanting to know how best to take advantage of Google's machine-learning capabilities, Fraser can help you.




Our social media expert, Gordon, has over 5 years experience across both paid and organic social, managing campaigns for clients from a wide variety of industries including retail and property.

Working freelance and for Scotland's biggest digital agency, Gordon worked on domestic and international campaigns, increasing social presence, driving traffic to high-value landing pages and boosting conversions.

Whether you are looking to rapidly grow your social media following, expand your oragnic content offering, drive onsite traffic, or implement a strategic retargeting campaign, Gordon is here to help.